As this NBA/College showdown evolves, so do our discussions on which College Conference produces the best NBA players. We’ve discussed which Conference would have the strongest team, using only active NBA players, in “MY NBA ALL-STAR TEAM: COLLEGE SHOWDOWN“. Now the conversation has shifted into a POSITIONAL challenge. Starting with POINT GUARD, which College Conference would be ranked #1 based off the current players in the NBA. Each player is valued at the point in his career when he was at his “PRIME”, which makes all the difference for many of them.

So looking at the current product at the POINT GUARD position, which Conference produces the best talent? In my Couch Sports Expert opinion…it’s the PAC 12.

Jason Kidd (Dallas Mavericks)
Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder)
Gilbert Arenas (Memphis Grizzlies)
Baron Davis (New York Knicks)
Chauncey Billups (Los Angeles Clippers)
Andre Miller (Denver Nuggets)
Mike Bibby (New York Knicks)

Again, I know my list gets very old and injury prone towards the end, but we are looking at each player in their PRIME. Imagine this group of guys when they were some of the most sought after court “Generals” in the league.

Think you have a better group than mine’s? Send me your College Conference, and who they have in the NBA. (POINT GUARDS only)

  1. […] week I gave you my bids for the College Conferences who produce the best POINT GUARDS and SHOOTING GUARDS in the NBA. You can check out my selections by clicking on the highlighted […]

  2. […] Continuing on with what I started a week ago, in looking at what each College Conference has currently produced in the NBA. My first post discussed which Conference would have the better overall team. My answer, the ACC. My latest post went deeper, and began to look at which Conference produced the best players at a specific position. I started with the Point Guard position, and concluded that the PAC 12 had the best product in the NBA today. (You can check out my POINT GUARD post here.) […]

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