The more I listen to Sports Analyst, the more I realize that there are just too many “EXPERTS” out there. I understand that the previous statement goes completely against my chosen name, but it’s true. And that’s also why I call myself the “COUCH” Sports Expert, because I believe that there are times when the “professionals” are looking so deeply into statistics that they fail to look at the actual game. Simply put, there are intangibles in every game that will never stand out on a stat sheet.

Just to prove my point, if you saw the play Boston Celtics’ Guard Rajon Rondo made in the final seconds of Game 5, you know exactly what I mean. With his team ahead by one point, and after a great defensive play by Miami’s Dwayne Wade, Rondo tipped a loose ball to teammate Mikael Pietrus, for a open 3-pointer. On his statistical line, this play will show up as one assist, and possibly one rebound. It meant much more to his team. Most teams don’t have a floor general who is completely dialed in when he has the ball in his hand, let alone when he is on the opposite side of the play. But if you didn’t see the game, you don’t realize that.

On to my point….we have TOO MANY EXPERTS in Sports. The Oklahoma City Thunder were “TOO INEXPERIENCED, TOO YOUNG, TOO IMMATURE, and TOO UNDER-COACHED” to get past the San Antonio Spurs. (which further proves my point, because at the beginning of this season all the experts said the San Antonio Spurs were “TOO OLD” for another strong playoff run) 

At the end of all the expert opinions, this is where we are today….


Our previous assessments have no meaning at this point. Our expert analysis have no credibility. Sure, we looked at the product in front of us, and made our judgement based on what we saw. But as the saying goes, “THAT’S WHY THEY PLAY THE GAME”.

Both the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs proved us wrong this season. I wrote a post in December about this season being the perfect season for the “OLDER” teams. (Click “THROWBACK SEASON” to read) I looked completely incorrect at the beginning of the season, but based on what the Spurs and Boston Celtics have shown us….I was accurate.

The Boston Celtics are on the brink of causing a Part 2 of this story, if they can complete their unexpected demise of the Miami Heat. Another series where all the experts knew exactly how it would play out.

I will close with one question: How were all of us “EXPERTS” wrong?

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