(WHO is which?)

What does it take to be an “EXPERT”? In sports, it’s knowing your stuff and making the right calls. But it’s easy to look like an expert when you can change with the wind every time your previous assessment was incorrect.

Look at the BOSTON-MIAMI series. The Celtics were TOO OLD, TOO SLOW, TOO INJURED, and TOO THIN (roster) to hang with the Miami Heat. The Miami Heat who were TOO STRONG, TOO QUICK, TOO ATHLETIC, and TOO TALENTED, that is. That was the consensus on how this series would play out. To many, it was over before it ever begun. At least until after Game 5, that is. When Game 5 ended with a Boston victory, in Miami, suddenly the tone of the series changed drastically. Suddenly the Heat were TOO ONE-DEMINSIONAL, TOO STAGNANT, TOO UNCOMMITTED ON DEFENSE, and TOO UN-COACHED to win the series when they were headed back to Boston for Game 6. And I don’t think it takes me mentioning that after LeBron James, not the Heat, played a monster game in Game 6, the “experts” were right back on that wagon. My personal favorite was how each of them covered themselves by starting their statement with, “I picked the Heat to win this, so I’m sticking with….” No my friend, you thought this series would be a walk in the park, and you were completely wrong.

Moving on to the present. Tonight starts the NBA Finals. You have the two teams that many picked to be here in the beginning, but definitely under different circumstances. You have the Miami Heat who have shown some vulnerabilities in this postseason, and as much as we would like to put it all on the Chris Bosh injury…..Chicago, Orlando, the L.A. Clippers, and even the Boston Celtics aren’t using that excuse. Then you have Oklahoma City who the experts said were still one year away from being up to Championship form. Those expert assessments were also wrong. (Click to read “TOO MANY EXPERTS“) But the Thunder have shown the ability to ADJUST, OVERCOME, and CONQUER every obstacle.

So basically, there is no easy option here for the experts. Neither team is TOO SLOW for the other. Neither is TOO OLD to keep up with the other. No team with TOO MANY All stars to account for. There are no easy decisions here. No easy way out. So what will the experts do now?

Regardless of which way you decide, make a smart, justifiable decision, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, stick with it. We don’t need any more “EXPERTS” flip-flopping around.

Who do you have winning this series? In how many games?


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