Erase all the criticism….cancel all the hate….forget all the excuses….the Miami Heat are the 2012 NBA CHAMPIONS.

There were moments in this postseason where that, NOW FACT, looked a little shaky, but this team did what great teams have had to do….GUT IT OUT. Every criticism that I, you, the media, or anybody else has had about this team this season was all answered over the last week or so.


I personally wondered which role players would step up and help the Miami “BIG 3” accomplish their ultimate goal. Through the first few rounds of the Playoffs, options 4-12 looked unreliable, and their 3rd option (Bosh) was sidelined. In a previous piece, “Every Championship Team Needs A ‘Big Shot’ Bob“, I questioned who would be “that guy” for the Heat. Three Role Players stepped up to the challenge in the Finals. In Games 2 and 3, SF Shane Battier was solid on defense and clutch from the arc. In Game 4, PG Mario Chalmers gave the OKC “D” fits throughout the entire second half of the game. And in last night’s finale, Mike Miller pulled a “White Men Can’t Jump” okie-doke on us and was lights out. ROLE PLAYERS….A+ 


I have, and probably still will question Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra’s true coaching genius. Watching this team in the Playoffs, I just never saw any brilliant play calls. I saw 3 of the top 10 players (depending on where you rate Bosh) in the league on the same roster, making plays. But my opinion was wiped out by one statement by Legendary Coach Pat Riley. “Spoelstra is the RIGHT man for this (the Miami Heat) job.” What that meant to me is that he doesn’t have to have the best playbook. He is the right person to manage this group of talent, egos, and pressure. COACHING….A


I honestly miss the days where Wade was one of my favorite basketball players. I am smart enough to know that my opinion of him is irrelevant, but over the past 2 seasons my animosity toward him has grown. I felt like LeBron went out and gave 100% on offense and defense every game, but Wade took nights off. I feel like his game has turned into more complaining and trying to draw fouls, instead of just going out there and showing why he is “elite”. And mostly, through all of LeBron’s mountain of criticism from every mistake, I feel like Wade gets away unscathed. One of the biggest Heat fans I know, my boy Michael D. Robinson, once corrected me and said that he believed Wade knew he had to take a backseat role. Wade confirmed this with his words after the Title presentation. “I told LeBron that this was HIS team, and HE was OUR leader.” D-WADE….FOR TAKING A BACKSEAT TO ANOTHER SUPERSTAR, AND HANDING HIM YOUR CITY….A++

And most importantly, LEBRON JAMES

It’s honestly hard for me to honestly say that “King James” was a concern for me before the Finals, because he wasn’t. I am definitely not jumping on the Heat bandwagon, but this man has been every bit of an NBA LEGEND this season. I have had no hate whatsoever against the way this guy plays the game of basketball. My respect for him multiplied by 2000% in the way he handled himself in the Championship-clinching game. It wasn’t the 26 pts, 11 rebs, and 13 assists….but EVERYTHING else. It was the pulling Chalmers aside when he tried to pick some childish beef with Kevin Durant. It was when he shut Chalmers down when he decided to start playing to the crowd. It was his admittance that last season he was very immature and played the game with a lot of hate and anger. It was hearing him talk about how he was humbled by last years outcome. LEBRON JAMES….FOR THE PLAYER….FOR THE LEADER….FOR THE MAN HE HAS BECOME….A+++

And again, all of these things came together at the right time to make the MIAMI HEAT the 2012 NBA CHAMPIONS.


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