The saddest part about any sports season is that once it ends, we immediately begin looking forward to the next season. The ending may live on in the hearts and conversations of those who are fans of the crowned Champion, but the rest of us look on to the hopes of better days for our team.

Even though I know I will be hearing about Miami’s victory at least throughout this weekend, I want to put my final cap on the 2012 season, and look forward to 2013. I have several questions about what 2013 will bring to the National Basketball Association, and 5 months is way too long to wait for answers.


1. The obvious, can the Miami Heat bring the same hunger and intensity into next season, now that they have reached their ultimate goal?

2. Will a ring, and a brilliant postseason finally silence the LeBron James critics?

3. What other stars at the end of their careers will take pay cuts, and join an already great team, in order to retire with a ring?

4. Will Oklahoma City come back even stronger next year? Will they be able to keep James Harden and Serg Ibaka (both Free Agents), add a few strong Role players, and strengthen their defense?

5. Will Chicago Bulls PG Derrick Rose be able to return to form, after a season-ending knee injury? (If not, it would be a basketball tragedy)

6. Will the Orlando Magic be able to sign Dwight Howard to a long term deal? Can they bring in other stars to make him stay? Or will he be traded to another Playoff contender?

7. Have we witnessed the final game for aged veterans like Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, and Ray Allen?

8. Where will Nets PG Deron Williams play next season?

9. Does Kobe Bryant still have enough life in those aging legs for one more Championship run? Will they make a blockbuster trade to get back up to the Los Angeles Lakers standard?

These are just a few of the questions that I cannot wait to be answered next season. There are many questions, but a few things are for certain….we enjoyed an exciting, shortened season, the league popularity is at a high right now, and Commissioner David Stern has to be grinning from ear to ear.

What are you looking forward to next season?


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