After all of our crying about the College Football Bowl system for years, we finally have a playoff system in place. When you consider what we are coming from, you have to be excited about the direction that things are headed. A 4-team playoff system is GREAT….but 6 would be BETTER.

The Presidents Committee seems to be forgetting one thing with this new system, our issue isn’t that we want more teams to have the opportunity to be the National Champion. Our issue is that the current system seems to be bias, and rarely gets it right. We want the best teams in the country fighting it out in the end. We will still be risking one, or two, 1-loss power houses being left out of the mix.

I originally argued in “Playoffs?! Playoffs?! Are We Really Talking About Playoffs?!” that we needed an 8-team bracket, but I can agree with the argument that this could water down the system too much. If 8 teams are allowed in the Championship race, at what point does it become too easy for certain teams to make it in? But the bracket should be increased to 6 teams. With 6 teams, we can guarantee that we grab at least the best 4 or 5 teams in the league. And that’s all we want as fans.

What do you think about the new College football playoff proposal? Would you keep it at 4 teams, or add more?


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