The sport of boxing has one fatal flaw that could one day prove to be the tipping point of its popularity. Unlike MMA, you don’t always get a match-up between the best two fighters, and usually, you don’t get the fights that the fans want to see.

Since the possibility of a megafight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao became a topic of discussion, regardless of which side of the argument you are on, we all agree on one thing: IF BOXING PROMOTERS WERE ELIMINATED, THE SPORT OF BOXING WOULD BE ELEVATED.

The current Promoters are what has kept us from the best fights the sport currently has to offer. There are some that understand that the greater interest in the fight, equals more money generated from the fight, which equals more money in their pockets. Others don’t seem to understand that concept.

What if….we could fire all the high-dollar Promoters, and replace them with someone who will represent what the fans want. It wouldn’t have to be an expert in the sport, but someone who knows a good match-up when they see it. Someone who would demand the “Kings” of the sport to prove their worth with every fight. Boxing currently has Golden Boy, Top Rank, and several smaller promotion companies that represent various boxers, but what if we had a Couch Sports Expert Promotions to represent the fans?

How many potential matchups have we seen never come to life, simply because someone is looking more at the potential PPV numbers? That’s the difference you see in Boxing and MMA. UFC is more concerned with putting the best, highest ranking fighters, against one another. The promoters, or promotions, only come into play after the fight has been made. And “PROMOTERS” stick to the definition of the word. PROMOTE, meaning to “FURTHER THE PROGRESS OF; TO ACTIVELY SUPPORT”. Many of Boxing’s Promoters don’t do either of those actions.

We need someone willing to demand that the sport’s best fight the best. I want to be that voice. I want to put these fighters at risk. I don’t care about undefeated records, or popularity votes. I would eliminate catch weights and other unnecessary advantages. And the purse breakdown would be easy. Regardless of who was considered the bigger “draw”, the split would be EVEN: 35%-35%. The other 30% would go to the winner of the fight. Case closed.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my fight schedule through 2013.

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