In my first part of this post, “Couch Sports Expert Promotions“, I spoke about the problem with having Promoters in the sport of Boxing. I also spoke about some changes I would make to give the fans the best, most intriguing fights available. It’s time for me to earn my fantasy paycheck.

My first, primary, and only order of business would be to bring our love for boxing back to a high level. I picked out a few fighters who have been, or will soon be, the “face” of the sport. Here are the next 3 fights that I would schedule for each of them, to spark fan interest like never before.

It is obvious that Alvarez is being groomed to be the next big thing in boxing, as many of the “Top Dogs” are much closer to retirement. While the attempt at a fight with former Welterweight Champion Victor Ortiz seemed to be a string step, there are other fights that would bring much interest.

A viable challenge in the Light Middleweight division, which is something Alvarez is missing from his resume’.

May 5th, CINCO DE MAYO, to be exact. Think about it. As much as Mayweather loves to capitalize on the Mexican holiday, why wouldn’t we do the same with two Hispanic fighters? Again, these two fight in the same division. When you place these two face-to-face, Alvarez would showcase GREAT POWER, with GOOD BOXING skills, while Cotto would display GREAT BOXING skills, with GOOD POWER.

Sergio fights at 160 pounds, but has stomped his feet at 154. While Alvarez loves to throw around names like Floyd Mayweather and Pacquiao….this is a fight more his SIZE. Even though both Manny and Floyd have won belts at 154, they both look naturally twice as small as Alvarez. Martinez is #3 on any P4P list, and could be the big win that pushes Canelo into “elite” status. Could be key with Pacquiao, and Floyd at times, claiming retirement at the end of 2013.

Without looking as potential victory or defeat, Cotto has set himself up to be a very rich and popular fighter. His performances against Margarito and Mayweather raised his stock to a very high level, and he just happens to fight in the most intriguing divisions in boxing (144-160 pounds.

That’s right, I’m continuing on that prediction. Mayweather has already stated his intension to fight this Fall, after finishing an 87-day jail sentence, and Cotto has vowed not to fight until 2013. After being imprisoned, and with only 3 months to prepare for an opponent, who better to fight than your latest opponent. Cotto looked better in defeat than any other Floyd opponent in years. I think a rematch has been in the plans even before the first fight took place.

CINCO DE MAYO. Two Hispanic “juggernauts” in the sport. Fighting for Floyd Mayweather’s vacant Junior Middleweight belt. Where could this matchup go wrong? (Read under “Canelo Alvarez” for details)

This will be my one contradiction throughout this post. Pacquiao has already stated that he has no intension of fighting after 2013, and if true, I wouldn’t want this to be his last bout. If Pacquiao will give us one additional fight, this would be a great way for Cotto to end his 3-fight stint, or career. Cotto is a much better boxer than he was two years ago, and much more focused. If this fight takes place at 147 or higher, could be a great opportunity to redeem himself.

Pacquiao has insisted that he plans to fight through the end of 2013, and then focus solely on his political career. It’s hard to think about a talent like him leaving the sport, because he and Mayweather have been the face of Boxing for the last five years. Before his soon-to-be Hall of Fame career ends, he has a lot of loose ends to tie up.

Top Rank, Arum, and Pacquiao may be content with hiring a separate group of judges to reevaluate the bout with Bradley, in which 2 of 3 judges scored against Manny. To the casual fan, that may be enough, but not to most. If you feel like you were cheated out of your Championship belt, go back out there and take it back. Forget the money, because you all had to know that this fight wouldn’t draw that much money in the first place. Pacquiao has looked weaker in every fight, and needs to redeem himself.

The drama around this fight has gone on long enough. Both fighters are getting older, and have too much drama outside of their boxing career. The last thing any of us want to see is this fight happen once either of them is too old or distracted to perform at their best.

If Pacquiao really intends to end his boxing career at the end of 2013, this needs to be his final fight. Imagine if Pac and JMM both decided that this would be their final fight and this match was headlined as “THE FINALE” or “ENCORE”. The PPV buys would be off the charts, and many of us still feel like there is unfinished business between them. But, as I stated before, if Manny will give as one extra fight, I prefer a rematch with Cotto first.

Love him or hate him, Mayweather is the “King” of the sport. Every storyline leads back to him. Every up and coming challenger wants to go though him. With all the outside turmoil in his life, Floyd needs to get his career under control as quickly as possible.

(Read comments above under “Miguel Cotto”) It makes perfect sense. They both already knows how to prepare for the fight, and the rematch will probably draw even more attention that the first.

Again, read above. We’ve waited long enough, and Floyd always has his biggest fights in May. They both have rematches that need to take place first, and then should make this fight happen. I would demand Olympic style drug testing to cancel that issue, and as I discussed in Part 1, there would be a 35-35 split, with the winner getting the final 30% of the purse.

My point, WHOEVER can be relevant by this point in their career. If Floyd and Pacquiao face off in early 2013, we could easily be seeing a rematch in the Fall, which would be great. For everyone else, it’s about who makes themselves look the most impressive. Does Bradley continue his undefeated run, which would put two undefeated Champions head to head? Does Golden Boy finally put Alvarez in the “Danger Zone” against good, prime fighters? Can guys like Devon Alexander and Amir Khan get the fights and victories they need to be considered a top threat in the sport? If any of these fighters can continue to impress, and Floyd can continue to dominate, he can fight any of them and it would be great.

I’ll go even further. If all the fighters mentioned in this post can start fighting the fights we want to see, and continue to show their same level of talent, the sport has a strong future ahead.

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