Drastic times call for drastic measures. With all the moves taking place in this NBA offseason, one thing is clear; these players have no loyalty to the organization. It’s time for the organizations to lose loyalty in the players.

How many organizations have lost the “star” they have founded their team on, and received nothing in return? Only for that “star” to betray that faith for more money, a bigger city, or a greater opportunity to win. Meanwhile, the team that was left behind is a former shell of itself, losing millions from the loss of their “main attraction”, with even more damage done to their local economy, relying on the Draft Lottery to find that next breakout player.

Some organizations need to get just as selfish, and just as methodical about their dealings. We no longer live in a sports world where it’s about building great organizations, with great players, giving us statistical greatness, with no Championships. If Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, and John Stockton were playing today, and put up the same statistics, they would be Hall of Famers. But to us today, numbers are not enough. We want Championships. And for that reason, great players sacrifice money and popularity to obtain one. DRASTIC TIMES CALL FOR DRASTIC MEASURES.

If I could be an NBA GM for any team in the league there are certain moves that I would make to improve my team. The rest of the league may not agree with it, and my local fans may not, but again, the game has changed. If players can break trust for their own selfish reasons, why can’t an organization? If the ultimate goal is winning, I would do whatever it takes to put together a winning team.


THE SUMMER OF 2010 WOULD BE MY MODEL. We all know and have had our opinions on the moves the Miami Heat made in 2010. If you have serious issues with their moves, it’s probably because you are mad that your team hasn’t had the brains or the guts to pull off the same thing. But why not? Why haven’t other teams used the same model. This summer, Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard, and Brooklyn Nets star Deron Williams were the top picks available. No team, other than the Brooklyn Nets even thought about reeling both stars into their organization, except for the Nets. And for them it was a “no-brainer”; Williams was a previous employee that they wanted to keep, and Howard outwardly stated that he wanted to play there. It’s not like the Nets organization did any real work….and they didn’t make it happen either. I would’ve made it happen. My motto as a GM would be to snag the best talent available each year. It has worked for the New York Yankees for years.

NBA GM MOVE #2:                                                                                                          

DWIGHT HOWARD. As for a short-term goal,  If I was the GM for a team that was right on the edge of winning a Championship, DWIGHT HOWARD would be my winning lottery ticket for 2012. If I was in control of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Serg Ibaka, Kendrick Perkins, and every draft pick I have available would be headed to Orlando right now. If I was the Lakers GM, Gasol, Bynum, Artest, and anyone else not named “Bryant” or “Nash” would be offered up. (I think this move will happen) My point, one day these guys may decided to leave anyway, so why continue to try to build a future around them?


ALL DRAFT PICKS MUST GO. I have a strong opinion about sports players that would probably make me a terrible GM: PROVEN TALENT IS BETTER THAN PROJECTED TALENT. If I had the choice between having a first round draft pick each season, or acquiring an elite, proven player, I would prefer the guy who has already proven himself. (see the Miami Heat) I’m not saying that I’m placing my future in an aged Kevin Garnett, but if I had the opportunity to get him in his 7th season, in exchange for 1st and 2nd round draft picks, no question. Replenishing your team with fresh, young talent doesn’t mean it has to be ROOKIE talent.

The above reasons are exactly why I am not the General Manager of any team. But how would you build your team differently?

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