Some arguments need to go beyond the confines of media “quickies” like Facebook and Twitter. For that reason, I decided to start a new series where these issues can be argued quickly and to the point. Over the past week, the above photo has been the spark of much debate. I did my share of bantering, but it was more of telling my fellow sports enthusiasts they were absolutely crazy. Now, I’m ready to give my final opinion on the matter.


LeBron James is easily one of the most phenomenal basketball players that I have ever witnessed…BUT, like in most people’s opinions, it is more because of his BUILD, not SKILL. The man is the size of, or bigger than, most NFL tight ends! If LeBron takes off full speed to the basket, there is no stopping him. But again, that’s BUILD, not SKILL. And while he has great talent on the offensive and defensive end, we don’t it around marveling about his shooting ability.

Jordan, on the other hand, is one of the greatest (I’m being modest) scorers that has ever played the game. Being much smaller than LeBron, and he still was unstoppable going to the basket. He could destroy defenders with his shooting, and had great “on-the-ball” defense.

Statistically, their numbers don’t compare. The only statistic that LeBron holds over Jordan is the age in which he won his first ring, but even that argument is made out of ignorance. We somehow neglect the fact that Jordan played 3 years of College basketball, giving LeBron a 3 year head start. And it’s not about age, as much as it is about TIME SPENT ON THE JOB. If we were ranking two CEO’s for their tenure, we wouldn’t give one more credit for being younger. And the fact remains, after 9 years on the job, Michael Jordan had 3 rings, to James’ 1. And regardless of how many rings “King James” wins, his greatness will be eclipsed by the fact that he had to join forces with other great players to achieve it. Think back to two seasons ago. Wade was considered “Top 3” in the NBA, and Bosh was “Top 3” at the Power Forward position. If Jordan would’ve gotten impatient and joined forces with Clyde Drexler and Charles Barkley, they would all have had at least ten championships.

My final opinion on the “James vs Jordan” debate is how can it even be a debate after LeBron’s first championship? Saying that he is better than Jordan is saying that he is the greatest player ever. It is impossible for James to win that debate against Jordan, when he hasn’t clearly won a debate against his era of players? Kobe Bryant, whose build, position, and playing style all mimic Jordan’s, has shown and accomplished more to give him the right to be compared to “His Airness”. James is clearly the best player in the league now that Kobe Bryant has gotten older, but he has not separated himself above the rest of the game like Jordan has, even 10 years after retirement. To give LBJ that title at this point is silly and foolish.

Do you think LeBron James has surpassed Jordan’s greatness? Send your thought below.

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