Are you ready for some football? I’ve been ready since the day after the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI.

Every season is like a good drama series. I remember when we first heard about the show “Prison Break“. I really didn’t know what to expect, I just knew I wasn’t interested in seeing anyone get raped. Anytime I watch a show or movie I have to go through and figure out who will last until the end, and who will be a villain, based on previous roles from each character. The only famous character, by our standards, was Robin Tunney, because she was the only one we recognized from a previous show. So I knew that no matter how crazy the show would get, Tunney would be a survivor. On the contrary, after about the fifth episode we realized that anybody, and everybody could die at any time. The show had it all: shock value, drama, humor, and a creativity that I had never witnessed in a show before. Once one season ended, we would be stuck wondering what would happen next? What characters would survive? What loose ends would be tied up next? A great invention called the DVR helped with our inability to handle such impatience. We soon realized that if we deliberately waited for the season to get a few weeks ahead, we could watch multiple episodes in one sitting, and not have to wonder, “what’s next?”.

For the past 5 months, I’ve tried to keep my mind away from feeling like I just got dropped off at a suspenseful season finale, but it’s hard to suppress the anticipation. I even wanted to wait until a week before the season opener before I started talking about what I was “hyped” about in this upcoming season, but I couldn’t resist. Last season left us at a climatic point that kept me talking about the “next season” for at least a month. There’s too much to express at once, so Part 2 will follow later.

What I’m looking forward to this season – Part 1 – AFC:

1. I want to see if Peyton Manning is the biggest hustler in NFL history. After signing a contract with the Indianapolis Colts, and being sidelined for the whole season, will the Broncos be facing the same fate this season? One wrong hit and….
2. Speaking of Manning’s former employer, will their decision to move on, and rebuild with Andrew Luck prove to be the wisest decision? We know we will be comparing the two paths all season.
3. Now that the door has been left wide open, will the Texans not only go in as the “Top Dog” of their division, but can they also stay healthy and prove their worth?
4. Can New England’s record-setting TE “Gronk” follow-up last season’s performance? Can the Patriots make it back to the Super Bowl…..and win?

5. How long will it take for the Jets publicity stunt to implode? Or will Tebow prove to be a good addition to the team?

6. Will the Pittsburgh Steelers continue their trend of making it back to the Super Bowl every 3-4 seasons?

7. Will the Ravens finally play up to their potential, and not be plagued by careless mistakes in the Playoffs? Will Joe Flacco finally become the QB he claims he is?

These are a few of the questions that I am looking forward to being answered this season. The last few seasons in the league have shown that, like a good drama, anyone can rise to the top, anyone can be picked off, even the greatest heroes can show corruption, and unlikely heroes can rise. A new season begins September 5th, with new episodes on the following Sunday. What are looking forward too?

Send me your comments below. Stay tuned for Part 2 – NFC – to follow.


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