If the NFL season was a prime time drama series, it would be A landslide victor for the Oscar award for “Best Drama” every year. The sport has transcended itself like no other sport, while providing shock and the element of surprise in each season.

You have the unlikely hero, in the New York Giants, who somehow fight their way to unexpected victories. The former hero, the New Orleans Saints, who were once the “Savior” to a city. Now the villains of the league. The return of a main character, thought to be discontinued from the show (Peyton Manning). Characters looking for redemption from past failures. And the list of story lines go on.

Part 1 of “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?”, laid out some questions and anticipations I have about the AFC teams and players. From the Manning decision, to the Jets QB dramatics, there is a lot to look forward to in the American Conference. But what about the NFC? What upcoming questions and excitement is looming around the Conference that has been home to the league’s last three Super Bowl Champions? (Saints, Packers, Giants)

What I’m looking forward to this season – Part 2 – NFC:

1. Can the New York Giants do it again? Their Super Bowl runs have come as a bit of a surprise up based on their season performances. With their offseason looking positive, there is a rumor that they could repeat. We know they can exceed expectations….but can they meet expectations?

2. Will RG3 (Robert Griffin III) be the answer that Redskin fans have been looking for? They had added some other good pieces, but their immediate and long-term future rests on him.

3. Will this be the year that ALLLLLLLLL that talent in Philadelphia aligns at the right time? As much as I would hate to see the Eagles win it all, Michael Vick is becoming the NFL’s version of LeBron James, in my opinion. I JUST WANT TO SEE HIM GET ONE!

4. Will Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ words help or hurt his team this season?

5. After an offseason full of scandal, contract frustration, and loss of leader and members, how well will the New Orleans Saints perform?

6. Can  QB Matt Ryan, and the Atlanta Falcons get over the Playoff “1-and-done” act?

7. Can Panthers sophomore Cam Newton follow-up his rookie season, and learn how to WIN as well?

8. Can my Buccaneers finally resemble a “good” football team again?

9. Can San Francisco follow-up their season and playoff run from last year? (The target is definitely on their backs now)

10. Is Green Bay back on the rise, or are they declining from the greatness we saw two seasons ago?

11. Is Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson the new QB/WR “dynamic duo” in the league? And now that they have tasted the playoffs, after years of struggling….can they now advance in the postseason?

12. Will AP (Minnesota Vikings) return as the same “bruiser” he was before a season-ending knee injury?

We have a little over a month’s wait until the drama starts back up. What are you excited about seeing played out in the NFC? Send me your thoughts below.


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