I made the statement a month back that I was done talking about basketball until the 2012-13 season started, but I am going back on that statement once again.

I started a series of conversations, evaluating the best players in the league, and who would make up the strongest team. The Olympics, and the ’92 vs 2012 debate, has sparked a lot of debate over who IS the greatest player to ever play the game. While there are really only three names that are mentioned in the conversation, only one deserves the “nod”, in my opinion. The argument has been Hall-of-Famer Michael Jordan (6 NBA Titles, 6 out of 6 Championships won, 6-time Finals MVP, 5-time NBA MVP, 10-time NBA Scoring Champ, 14-time All Star), Kobe Bryant (5 NBA Titles, 5 out 7 Championships won, 2-time Finals MVP, 1 NBA MVP, 2-time NBA Scoring Champion, 14-time All Star), and LeBron James (1 NBA Title, 1 out of 3 Championships won, 1 Finals MVP, 3-time NBA MVP, 1 Scoring Championship, 8-time All Star) Again, this is a mute, silly argument at this point, especially when the elder Jordan’s award totals are better than both Bryant and James’ numbers combined.

The argument in itself still brings up a very interesting fact. Even though Michael Jordan has not played a professional game of basketball in over 10 years, and really almost 15 if you discount the Washington Wizard seasons, we are still arguing about his greatness. Even basketball fans who had to be in their pre-teen years when he was in his “prime”, still appreciate his greatness….which is crazy when you think about our “What Have You Done For Me Lately?” mindset.

But there were many others who were patriarchs of the game, other than just Jordan. Many players who represent the NBA’s “Greatest 50 Players” of all time played during the same era. If a team could be constructed from that same pool of players (1990-2000), who would make the starting roster? You could easily look at the ’92 Olympic team and choose from that pool of players, but even that team did not have the best at every position represented. Just remember, the only catch is that we are evaluating each of these players when they were in their “prime”.

Argue your case however you like, but here is my NBA ALL-STAR TEAM, 1990-2000:






That’s my All Star team for the 1990-2000 Era. Think you can put together a better squad? Send your roster, and compare.

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