The QB position will always be one of the key pieces to any Fantasy Football team, but it is also a very dangerous position. Out of all the offensive positions, it is the one position that has to depend on EVERY other position on the field along side it. If a team has a weak offensive line, the quarterback is affected. If a team doesn’t have a strong running attack, opposing defenses can play the pass, and the quarterback is affected. If a team has mediocre receivers, the quarterback is affected. Not to mention, the QB is an every-down, and essential an every-play, position, which increases the possibility of injury.

So how do you make a smart choice in choosing your Quarterback? Some people like to look at the schedule before making a decision. Others are too loyal to not choose their own favorites, or to even choose a hated rival. I personally think that line of thinking can be crazy, depending on who your favorite team is. I don’t care if you’re the biggest Cleveland Browns fan on the planet, don’t choose all of their players. But I’ve also seen it work miracles for some. About 5 years ago, a member of our league selected Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre as his #4 pick, in the 1st round. We are usually good about keeping a “poker face”, and laughing later, but in this case, we couldn’t resist. The entire room bursted in laughter and tears, as our friend looked at us as if to say, “What?”. He was laughing at us 14 weeks later when he was No. 1 in our league, thanks to Favre having one of the best seasons of his career.

Simply looking at these players’ will and skill, here are my Top 10 Fantasy Football quarterbacks.

10. MATT RYAN – Atlanta Falcons
I know with only ten selected, it’s hard to put Ryan on this list, in some opinions. Even though there are other good options, I’m going with the steady hand. He always seems to be willing to learn, willing to grow, and committed to excellence. Add in his weapons on offense, and I’m in.

9. TONY ROMO – Dallas Cowboys
On a team that seems to have a new “star” receiver every two years, and a new starting running back every year, Romo is the one “constant”. He has the weapons. He has the skill. And even more, he may be the perfect one to deal with the ownership and team drama that comes with the territory (Dallas Cowboys). I think owner Jerry Jones’ pressure will always have a negative affect….except this season. It will be a motivator.

8. CAM NEWTON – Carolina Panthers
Newton had a great rookie season last year, with great numbers in the air and on the ground. This year he just needs to learn how to win. But fantasy points aren’t based on wins and losses. They are based on numbers. I have Newton ranked lower than most because his numbers decreased significantly after Week 11. I wonder can he sustain all the wear and tear, when he is his team’s biggest threat in the air and on the ground.

7. MICHAEL VICK – Philadelphia Eagles
Another offseason that starts with the predictions of Philadelphia Eagles greatness. They still have the same dangerous weapons, and with some getting their desired contracts this summer, a boost of morale. Vick will always put up big numbers, but when is the last time he has played an entire season?

6. ELI MANNING – New York Giants
Eli is another one of those guys that just knows how to show up for big games. He’s going to put his team in a position to win, and rarely ever loses the game for his team. Coming off their recent Super Bowl victory, they were able to keep several weapons this time. The loss of Manningham will hurt, but Manning’s stats will still be solid.

5. PHILLIP RIVERSSan Diego Chargers
Simply put, Rivers always puts up crazy fantasy numbers. The loss of Vincent Jackson is tough, but Rivers has done well without him before. Jackson has been a headache to the Chargers at times. Oh yeah, and he still has Antonio Gates, Malcolm Floyd, Eddie Royal, and Robert Meachem as targets.

4. DREW BREES – New Orleans Saints
Brees is always an easy, smart pick. You can be burned by picking his receivers, because Brees has the accuracy and savvy to turn even mediocre receivers into studs. He will again this season. I just personally think the suspension of Head Coach Sean Payton, along with the drama surrounding their defense, will place extra burden on his shoulders. Normally, he would be #2 on my list.

3. MATTHEW STAFFORD – Detroit Lions
This is another QB who put up great numbers last year. His numbers were somewhat overshadowed by Brees’ record breaking season, but last season he became only the 4th QB in NFL history to throw for over 5000 yards. I’ll take those stats any day. Not to mention, he has the best target on the field, on any team, in Calvin Johnson.

2. TOM BRADY – New England Patriots
Saying that Tom Brady is going to put up big numbers is one of those “NO DUH” comments. You take the same record-breaker that he has always been, and then add what is on paper the deepest receiving core he has ever had at his disposal. Then, on top of all that, add the bitter taste of Super Bowl defeat. I think he is poised for a big season.

1. AARON RODGERS – Green Bay Packers
Rodgers has deservingly been the top pick at the QB position for the last few seasons. Some guys can get the job done with their arm, while others are a threat on their feet. Out of the top QB’s, Rodgers arguably has the strongest arm, and he is pretty nifty on his feet. Last season didn’t give him the luxury of a healthy offense, and he looks to rebound this season. This is his offense. He, like Brees, has a way of making All Stars out of any player he has on the field with him. Look for strong numbers this year, after he had to witness other fellow, top QB’s have record seasons last year.

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