SHORT AND SWEET, it’s great to see the NFL season start, and just as exciting, the 2012 Fantasy Football season. The above hardware is what I will be playing for, and if last night was any indication, I’m in deep doo-doo.

I am playing in three leagues this year, and I was confident in some teams and not so much in others. In 2 out of 3 leagues, I have Tony Romo as my primary QB, and was highly upset about that. On the other, I have Giants WR Hakeem Nicks and RB Ahmad Bradshaw as key players, and was stoked about the numbers they could put up for me. Today, those emotions have completely flipped, after Romo looked great and the other two…not so much.

Will this be how this Fantasy season will go? A season full of unexpected heroes will show up in big games. A season when a #3 receiver like Kevin Ogletree can come out and have big games against top-ranked defenses. A season where your top-ranked running back cannot manage to score from the 1-yard line. If so, the playoffs and eventual Champion may be solely dependant on who can work the waiver wire the best, and find that “diamond in the rough”.


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