June 9, 2012 – Pacquiao vs Bradley – DEATH BY SPLIT DECISION

Angry fight fans have been saying for years that Boxing is a dying sport. The persistence of the top fighters to fight for money, instead of facing the greatest competition, has turned away many of its followers.

I don’t share the sentiment, but if Boxing was truly dead, it has been and will continue to be resurrected by the schedule as of late. What I do agree with is the thought that the BEST should fight the BEST. Regardless of Promoter, or any other disagreements, the top ranked in each weight class should have to battle.

If you believe the same, that boxing is dying because of its weak fight schedule, here are some upcoming and recently passed battles that will definitely help to resurrect the sport.

If you missed the showdown between Ward and Dawson last Saturday night, you owe it to yourself to catch the replay. Two boxers, at the top of their respective divisions, with middleweight gold on the line. No excuses. No clear-cut advantage. I won’t spoil it by telling you how it played out, but it was a great fight.

Alvarez is a money-maker and a huge draw. Lopez is coming of an impressive, jaw-dropping (and breaking) win over Victor Ortiz. You have two young power punchers, slowly being taken out of their protective shells to face one another. Both have been facing better opponents with each bout. This should be a good one.

This September 15th fight will be another between two fighters at the top of their class. Someone’s prestige in the sport will take a hit in defeat, but they both obviously don’t care about that small fact. Should be a great fight, regardless of the winner.

An undefeated champion versus a proven champion. It would’ve been easy for Cotto to bite on that “Pacquiao” carrot that was dangling in his face, but instead he decided to give us something new. We get to avoid the weight-draining drama and the recounts of their previous bout…and the circumstances surrounding it.

If you love boxing, this is one matchup you will never get tired of. Always action-packed. Always fearless. Always controversial. And sadly, I think the more times they go at it, the more the judges will be inclined to favor JMM. My only problem with this fight is that it is happening this year. I really wanted these two to fight their final fight against one another at the end of 2013, and then go off into the sunset together.

It may sound crazy, but the fact that we are not talking about Mayweather facing the same old opponents is a rejuvenating thing. It was assumed that Mayweather would fight again in December of this year, but no plan for an opponent has been announced. With all the other “usual suspects” already tied up, it’s good to know don’t have to here Mayweather/Pacquiao, Mayweather/Cotto, or Alvarez challenges to Mayweather. And since Amir Khan has not won a fight since challenging Mayweather, he shouldn’t even be a thought. That alone should bring thousands flocking back to the sport.

  1. True fight fans know who these guys are. Plus, the “big name” guys like Mayweather, Pacquiao, aren’t giving us the fights we want to see. They are giving every excuse not to fight a real challenge. It’s refreshing (for lack of a better word) to see guys out there putting their sheltered, unblemished records on the line against other top fighters

  2. big al says:

    3. Chavez vs Martinez this will probably wind up being the only marquee matchup that goes mainstream and if Chavez wins this will propel him to superstardom. 4.Cotto vs who? Lol 5.pac man vs jmm 4, now here is where I have the biggest problem because unless jmm kos Manny he will lose no matter what. He won all 3 of these matchups yet didn’t get the judges decision! The last fight was a blatant show of the corruption of boxing as jmm beat Manny from pillar to post but got a L. If u pay a cent to watch a highway robbery your a idiot plain and simple! 5. No money mayweather =no money =no resurrection! The sweet science is always going to be around maybe just not as sweet!

  3. big al says:

    Here’s just a few problems with the current state of boxing when it comes to these fights you mentioned. 1.while I agree chad dawson vs ward right from the mention sounded like a awesome fight, outside of the die hards what passing fan was hyped to see this? Like I said to someone the other day ward is the greatest fighter no one heard of! 2.lopes vs alvarez outside of the die hards and Mexicans I don’t know if anyone knows who canelo is and even less lopez

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