I have to say that this week was one of the most exciting weeks that I have seen in the league in a very long time. Many may complain about the refereeing, which was atrocious. But mix in the competitiveness, drama, sudden death play, and upsets….and it made for an intriguing week.

So what do I think I learned this week? I learned the meaning of the phrase “ANY GIVEN SUNDAY”. These teams better come out to play each week, regardless of how mediocre their competition seems. On ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, you can fall victim to another team playing above their potential. If games were go according to our “expert” analysis, we could crown a Super Bowl Champion today. No need to play any more games. No need to waste another few months. But as the saying goes, “That’s why we play the game.”

Here is what I think I learned this week: (ANY GIVEN SUNDAY)

• Pittsburgh is my AFC version of the Cowboys and Giants. When you expect the worse, they impress. When you expect the best, they are a wreck.
• On Saturday night, Andy Dalton was not supposed to be considered a great quarterback. But Sunday at 4:35 p.m. I was convinced. Any given Sunday.

• The Jets and Dolphins have both showed signs of brilliance early in this season. But playing against one another meant that someone had to be the best THIS SUNDAY.

• Any given Sunday: the Titans who seemingly can stop no one right now, show up and take down an offensive juggernaut like the Lions.
• How many of us thought Andrew Luck had shaken off his rookie jitters in Week 2? But again, it’s about coming out and performing EVERY SUNDAY. And I didn’t expect them to fall short against Jacksonville.

• I expected San Diego to lose….but come on! To not even show up on game day is ridiculous!
• The Raiders showed that it’s all about playing for 60 minutes on Sunday. Every Sunday. I expected the opposing defense to eat them alive. And after falling down early, they showed the toughness of a great team.
• The Chiefs were phenomenal on Sunday. Down 24-6 early, and they showed that you better put out 100% until that final second is off the clock.

• The odds of the Vikings beating the 49ers the way they did were probably unimaginable. It would seem that Minnesota’s only weapon would be the easiest thing for San Fran to stop. But the Vikings showed up, and Adrian Peterson called them out correctly.
• Any given Sunday, another team can be more dynamic than you. There are defenses who can stop the Lions, but I can’t imagine many teams who can outscore their electric offense. Especially not the Tennessee Titans.
• Any given play, you can get robbed by a bad call. So the pont is to not let it come down to that. I expected a much better showing from Green Bay on Monday night.

• Injuries on offense and defense, and coming off a sketchy week, I think expectations were low for the G-Men. And they exemplified that “next man up” philosophy, and played like studs.
• This season, Philadelphia has been escaping by the skin of their teeth EVERY GIVEN SUNDAY. And that’s not going to fly in the NFL.

• Each week I find myself saying, “This has to be the week the Saints get somewhat on track.” And every given Sunday we see that their talent and skills aren’t showing up when it matters.
• Cam Newton tries to do too much, and has no help EVERY GIVEN SUNDAY, and so, they are open for defeat ANY GIVEN SUNDAY.
• The Buccaneers play good football for only 3 out of 4 quarters every Sunday, so they can be beat ANY GIVEN SUNDAY.

• Any given Sunday the team picked to go to the Super Bowl can play mediocre and lose to a team not even on their level. (49ers)
• It’s funny how the team who never gets talked about can show up to play every single game, and suddenly, they are one if the only undefeated teams left in the league. (Cardinals)
• Any given play, you can be handed at golden goose egg, that helps you win a game, and you better be ready for it when it comes. Last night was in no way Seattle’s fault, because they played well enough to even be in that position.

We are almost a quarter of the way through this season, and I continue to learn as we go. Let me know who you were most impressed by this week by responding below.


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