SHORT AND SWEET….just like the Atlanta Braves and Texas Rangers time in the 2012 Playoffs.

I know all the talk will be about the controversial way the Atlanta Braves exited the playoffs last night. I called “infield fly” that was hit about 40-ft from the infield, went uncaught, but was still ruled an out. I don’t want to focus on that craziness. My issue is with the entire playoff process this year. Are you telling me that after playing 152 games, the best we can do to reward these teams is to put them in a WIN-OR-GO-HOME game…and have the audacity to call it “the Playoffs”. What was the point??!! A few days ago, teams like the Braves were celebrating, because they had guaranteed themselves a Playoff spot, by winning ONE game. There are teams that missed the Playoffs, because they failed to win ONE game. And now we have two teams who will become spectators, because they lost ONE game. Is this what they worked for months to accomplish?

MLB, is it too difficult to have this first set of series scheduled as a Best-of-3 series? At least in that case, a team’s playoff run is not ended on one bad pitching night, or a fluke call. (as in the Braves case)

Send me your thoughts on the new MLB Playoff format below.  


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