Posted: October 9, 2012 in NFL FOOTBALL
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What did I learn from this week in the NFL? Each week seems to leave us with something to bait us into the next week. While everything can seem to be according to plan one minute, there is always something that leaves us wide-mouth and desperate to see what will happen next. This week was no different, with many of the games having a wider margin of victory than expected. Those games which didn’t shock with the margin in scoring, shocked with the team who came out victorious. I know that is a complete contradiction of my post from last week, where I talked about how any team could win on any given Sunday, but some of these outcomes were completely unexpected.

I think it’s time for me to stop putting themes on each week, because each new week is either confirming the same as the last, or completely going against it. So this week I’ll stick to what I learned about each team.

Here is what I think I learned from the NFL in Week 5:

• The Browns may be the only winless team in the league, but they are definitely on the right track. They are a young team, but they aren’t laying down for anybody.
• Baltimore is not the best team in the league, or AFC for that matter. They still suffer from immaturity. They make silly mistakes and they play down to their competition.
• That aging Pittsburgh “D” can still be a difference maker.

• This may not be a 50-TD season for Brady, but this is the most well-rounded Patriots offense I have ever witnessed.
• I learned that the Dolphins have a good thing going, even with the absence of “big name” players. (Unless you count Reggie Bush as a big name player)

• I’ve been waiting for the moment when I fully believed the Colts made the right decision in the offseason. Sunday was that moment.
• I learned that Houston can beat you on defense too. Not just by putting up a lot of points on offense.

• I learned that every team in this division has a chance to own this division. They all seem to be happy with being on the edge of greatness, and show signs of it each game.
• More specifically, I learned that the Broncos “D” was actually BETTER when they weren’t a viable offensive threat.

• I learned that the NFC North has joined the conversation of the league’s deepest divisions. Green Bay is third in the division. Let that sync in.
• Green Bay has become dependent solely on Aaron Rodgers’ arm. They have completely stopped establishing the run, defending on defense, or protecting their QB.
• Minnesota is for real. (Still sounds weird when I say it)

• The ‘Skins don’t have a quarterback problem. Some organizations just don’t know how to win games.
• If you are waiting for Philly to fix their turnover problem, don’t hold your breath.
• I didn’t learn anything about the Giants, because I say the same thing every week. When expectations are high, they disappoint. It looked to be another one of those days early. They finally broke out later in the game.

• Atlanta has finally learned how to win those grind-it-out games.
• The Saints may not play with the same attention to detail without their Coach on the sideline, but they still have a very special player in Drew Brees.
• The saying goes “ALL OR NOTHING”. In Carolina, it’s “CAM OR NOTHING”. Newton has to do everything, because they have NOTHING else.

• This division hosts the best team in the league, and they aren’t even undefeated.
• I learned the Arizona Cardinals aren’t who we thought they were.
• Neither are the Rams. This week, they looked more impressive than we thought.


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