When I made this week’s picks, there were a few games that just didn’t it well with me. I tried to make every pick based on the condition of the team, or at least what I thought each team would bring into the match-up. There are really just some teams and players that I no longer trust to go out there and perform.

While I plan on sticking to this method of following my emotions, or trust meter, I also realize that the game has once again left me in a state of shock. I, like most fans, continue to tell myself that “this” or “that” team is the team to beat, but I, like most fans, continue to be incorrect in my assessments.

How is it that many of these teams can look so impressive one week, and then so dismal the next?

How can teams explain playing mistake-free, highly efficient football one week, against one of the league’s top teams, and then unable to look half as impressive against the league’s worst rated team?

I usually go through the week’s games, calling out teams on their performances. But this week, I think what I learned is simple: SOME TEAMS JUST DON”T PUT THEIR HEART INTO EACH WEEK. I seriously believe some guys look at who’s on their schedule, and just don’t try as hard when preparing for the match-up. When your offense has been highly effective all season, and you are facing the league’s worst defense, it’s hard to pay attention to detail through play-after-play. When you have the best QB in the league going against a team with no passing defense, you’re not really trying to perfect your routes.  

I think this is what we are seeing each week. It’s perfectly natural to look at the team on the other side of the ball, assess them, and play down to your competition. It just has a unique way of ALWAYS showing up on the football field.

Why do you think some of these teams look so impressive one week, and stgnant the next? Send me your comments below.




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