Some things are just too good to end.

The good part about Part 4 of this epic rivalry is that these are two fighters, out of a very small group, that we would care to see fight this many times. (Probably the only two in Boxing) The only other fighters I could  see watching fight four times would be if Anderson “The Spider” Silva, Jon “Bones” Jones, and George St-Pierre decided to a “Pound 4 Pound” tournament, and face one another. But that’s one of those Christmas wish list items that seems to never come, like a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

But every fight between these two “Ring Warriors” has been filled with excitement, drama, and back and forth momentum. That’s the goo part.

The bad part is that after three previous fights, we still don’t have a definitive winner of the series. Pacquiao fans are partial to Pacquiao. Marquez fans have screamed, “robbery!” after each of the last two fights. Impartial boxing fans usually feel that each fight should have been judged a draw. I personally think the series should be 2-0-1 in favor of Marquez. But I am also not IMPARTIAL.

So, what are we expecting to see differently tonight?

From a CUSTOMER SERVICE standpoint, I would love to see this fight for FREE, on a local cable channel. Of course it won’t happen, but if the fans haven’t been given a definitive answer after three attempts, something needs to be given back.

I also would’ve preferred this fight at the end of 2013, as the final fight for both men. As much as I want to see a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, I felt Pacquaio and Marquez’s final fight of their respective careers should’ve been one another.

Back to the task at hand. I’m looking for Part 4 to be a defining fight. If one man can without a doubt, whether through decision or KO, win this fight, I give them the entire series. Both are saying all the right things about casting away all doubts, but they both said the same before the last fight. But regardless of the current score, an impressive win settles it all. It would give us every reason to blame the previous fights on poor judging.  

I’m excited, and for their sakes, I hope fight fans are excited. I’m not excited enough to pay to watch this fight, but I will be following through online chat, and watch the replay in weeks to follow.

What are your predictions for this fight? Send your comments below.


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